Catalina Channel 10, 2020, oil on canvas, 38 x 70 inches

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Chase Langford has invented Geographic Expressionism, a distinctive visual language that is grounded in the natural and built environment while embarking into uncharted territory. His impactful work recalls maps and aerial photography of sea coasts, mountains, farmland and cities through a calculated execution and refined draftsmanship.

Just as the West Coast Abstract Expressionists (1940 to 1970) found California’s striking landscape fertile ground, so does Langford as he draws upon his geographic environs both near and far.

Through his cartographic mastery, Langford contorts and synthesizes geographic elements, bringing forth paintings that are mysteriously familiar yet surprisingly unconventional. They challenge conventions of geography and landscapes, offering invigorating visions of space and place that transcend any specific locale, leading us to an exhilarating emotional experience. 



Group Show at Blue Print Gallery in Dallas

Group Show at Blue Print Gallery in Dallas

Ten new works have arrived at Blue Print Gallery in Dallas from Chase Langford Studio in Los Angeles that are included in a group show on now [Aug 2020]. Along with work by Chase, other artists included are: Robert Berguson, Rachel Doniger, Shelley Hesse, Mary...

Hyperallergic Features Chase Langford Studio

Hyperallergic Features Chase Langford Studio

Separate from the house, my studio is a slice of paradise in the Santa Monica Mountains above Los Angeles.  I studied geography and was a practicing cartographer which lead me to creating abstract works inspired by geographic forms, so it is fitting that I paint in a...