Separate from the house, my studio is a slice of paradise in the Santa Monica Mountains above Los Angeles.  I studied geography and was a practicing cartographer which lead me to creating abstract works inspired by geographic forms, so it is fitting that I paint in a dramatic location with sweeping panoramic views of canyons, mountains and valleys. It is quiet, isolated and has wonderful light from huge skylights and windows. 

Although I love my studio, I am often squeezed for space, especially when I soon will start a 55 x 140 inch commission (the canvas is in the background; stretcher bars showing).  Out of view is my ‘vault’ where I keep finished work and two other rooms for storing art supplies and shipping materials.  Notice how everything is painted white.  It serves two purposes: to eliminate color basis within my view and to provide as much ambient light as possible.  Everything is on wheels, including large flat files, so I can reconfigure the studio at a moment’s notice.  I have a strict “functionally pure” rule, meaning that I only keep items in my studio that help me paint.   — Thank you to Hyperalleric for this opportunity to share my studio.