Catalina Channel 10, 2020, oil on canvas, 38 x 70 inches

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Chase Langford has invented Geographic Expressionism, a distinctive visual language that is grounded in the natural and built environment while embarking into uncharted territory. His impactful work recalls maps and aerial photography of sea coasts, mountains, farmland and cities through a calculated execution and refined draftsmanship.

Just as the West Coast Abstract Expressionists (1940 to 1970) found California’s striking landscape fertile ground, so does Langford as he draws upon his geographic environs both near and far.

Through his cartographic mastery, Langford contorts and synthesizes geographic elements, bringing forth paintings that are mysteriously familiar yet surprisingly unconventional. They challenge conventions of geography and landscapes, offering invigorating visions of space and place that transcend any specific locale, leading us to an exhilarating emotional experience. 



Exquisite Architectural Setting

Exquisite Architectural Setting

The folded plate roof in this spectacular Palm Springs architectural home provides a dramatic setting for Catalina Channel 12.   The clerestory windows reveal mountains that mimic the organic forms in the painting while letting in glorious museum quality light,...

Chicago’s World Fair Reimagined

Chicago’s World Fair Reimagined

The 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago was a marvel beyond all that had preceded it.  Even today scholars and fans revel in this spectacular fair.  Renowned Washington architect, Kenneth P. Baker of Gensler, is one its biggest enthusiasts. In a homage to the...

Rancho Mirage Home Graced with Birthday Present Painting

Rancho Mirage Home Graced with Birthday Present Painting

Bud Slater and Brendan Rome visited Chase Langford's Palm Springs studio a couple times while he was finishing up a large panoramic painting.  They selected "Catalina Channel 9" which is part of an ongoing series of works capturing the strait of water between Los...